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Landlord Services in Kalamazoo, MI

Are you tired of the headaches that come due to dealing with the plethora of administrative tasks involved with property management? From tenant screening to bookkeeping and collections, the many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of rental property owners can easily become overwhelming. Relieve some of your stresses and turn your investment from an expense into a reliable source of income by relying on RPM Investment Solutions for landlord services in Kalamazoo, MI.

By combining marketing, accounting, and legal experience, our versatile staff provides comprehensive property management services to ensure your rental property operates as smooth as possible. Our locally preferred property management company offers a wide variety of services including property maintenance services, rent services, and more. That is why you should come to us for all of your property management needs. Allow us to take all of the hassle out of residential property management, so you can reap all of the rewards.

Property Manager Consulting with Tenant in Kalamazoo, MI

Trust Us for All of Your Landlord Property Needs

There are a number of tasks required of a landlord, one of which includes property repair and maintenance.  Property is liable to become damaged or decayed if it is not well-maintained or if you select bad tenants. That is why many property owners rely on our experienced team for property maintenance services. We handle every aspect of a landlord's job, so you don't have to.

Our professionals start by finding and screening tenants for your property. Our team understands that every day that your property goes unoccupied is money out of your pocket. We’re able to find the right renter for your home, so your property is well taken care of and doesn't stay vacant for very long. When you put your needs in our hands, we’ll work diligently to find quality renters that will aid your investment.  

In addition to listing your home and finding a tenant, our landlord services collect the rent for you and distribute it to you in three monthly payments, so you don't have to wait a whole month between each check. Furthermore, we inspect the home prior to, and after, the tenant moves out, and we handle all evictions on the rare occasions that they are required. Basically, we are the full-service, stress-free solution to your renting needs.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Landlord Services 

If you are ready to get started with our landlord rent services, call our team today. We’re fully equipped with the training, skills, and knowledge to handle your daily property management responsibilities.

At your request, we’ll come to your property and provide you with a free assessment. We work to maximize your profits, meaning we’ll work to get the most rent for your home as we are able to. Best of all, we provide tenants with 24/7 emergency services, so you know that your tenants won't be without necessary repair and maintenance for long. Let us take away all the stress of being a landlord, so you are able to take away a nice profit without any effort.

Contact our company today to learn more about various landlord services. We proudly serve clients in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Michigan.

Contact us to hire our landlord services today. We proudly serve Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Michigan.